Silkied Ball Serama

Zorro with her chicks hiding in the grass.

Zorro got a boy's name because she had a mask when she hatched.

With my Silkied Serama, I try to reproduce the Malaysian Ball body type.

I call these combinations of fluff and blubber Tribbles.

Zorro is now mated with Ping Pong.

Ping Pong was given his name for obvious reasons.

My line of Tribbles all started with Peanut.
Both he and Fluffmonster came from two smooth feathered parents.

This is Tumbleweed.
Tribbles can look round from any angle.

Lil Blue took a year to produce babies. Here she is with her 2nd clutch.

Here is her clutch from 9/02/12, which included Zorro on the right.

Occasionally, a smooth-feathered bird hatches.
Blue Monster - day 1

Living Christmas ornaments.

Snowflake at 10 months

I grow my birds Winter Rye, so they get fresh grass daily, year round.

To learn about Tribble reproduction details click here!

I am located NorthEast of Dunnellon, just off Hwy 40.

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